Aesop’s Fables from the Van Beuren Studio, Volume 2


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Thunderbean presents another great collection of Van Beuren’s fun, creative Aesop’s Fables cartoons! This volume is the companion to the earlier Aesop’s Fables volume 1. Cartoons include: Horses Horses Horses 28 Presto Chango 29 Skating Hounds 29 House Cleaning Time 29 Singing Saps 30 Good Old Schooldays 30 King of the Bugs 30 Toy Town Tales 31 The Animal Fair 31 Radio Racket 31 Old Hokum Bucket 31 Cinderella Blues 31 The Fly Guy 31 The Wild Goose Chase 32 Tumble Down Town 33 The Bully’s End 33 These rare cartoons are transferred from the best available 16mm and 35mm prints, with original titles restored.

DVD-R disc

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