Makin’ ‘Em Move: Rare behind the scenes footage of vintage animation studios


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This new DVD from Thunderbean Animation features rare behind the scenes films, produced to show the process of animation and motion picture production. These shorts offer a wonderful glimpse into the golden era of animation.

Animated Cartoons: The Toy that Grew Up- 1948- a 20 minute short showing the origins of animated toys through the 1800s and into motion pictures.

How Animated Cartoons are Made. Rare 1920 film featuring animator Wallace Carlson, produced by the Bray Studio.

Old Chinese Proverb: A Picture is Worth 1,000 words-excerpt of Jerry Fairbanks Studio production in the early 40’s, including animation

Clair Weeks in India/ Producing India’s first animated feature. Rare Footage showing the production process. From original work print.

Makin’ ‘Em Move- Rare film of Terrytoons production from 1939

How Motion Pictures are Made- Bell and Howell tour through the production of films, including a Terrytoons animator

Otto Mesmer at the Douglas Leigh Sign Company- Rare Footage of Messmer at work in the late 50’s or early 60’s.

RKO Newsreel, 1937- Shows tricks of the trade for fake ‘Mediums’, as well as footage of the Disney Studio producing Snow White

Drawing Account- Early 40’s film of Jam Handy producing animated commercials for General Motors. Oddly, they fly to ‘Cartoon Films, Inc’! Film concludes with animation by Jim Tyer and others created at Jam Handy in Detroit, Michigan

Social Security and You: Paul Terry- late 60’s film featuring Paul Terry. Includes great footage and pencil tests from the late 40’s.

Bonus: Makin’ ‘Em Move- Van Beuren cartoon showing how cartoons are made..sort of!

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