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This collection of World War II-era shorts is the long-awaited companion to “Cartoons for Victory,” our previous set of rare WWII propaganda animated shorts produced in the United States and around the world. This new collection features the “A Few Quick Facts” series produced for the Army-Navy Screen Magazine. We’ve also included animation from Nazi Germany and fascist Italy. Many of the films have been transferred from original master materials at the US National Archives; most have never been available to the general public in any format!

Films include:

Vom Bäumlein, das andere Blätter hat gewollt (“The Little Tree That Wished for Different Leaves”; Germany, 1940)
Kohlenklau (Germany, 1945)
Did You Buy That Bond Today? (USA, 1945)
Tokio Jokio (USA/Warner Brothers, 1943)
Dr. Churkill (Italy, 1942)
Army Air Forces (USA/First Motion Picture Unit, 1943): An amazing twenty-minute short shows the making of films at the First Motion Picture Unit, including its animation subunit
Weapon of War (USA/FMPU 1944)
Odna iz Mgogih (“One of Many”; USSR, 1943)
Elementary and Pilon Flights (USA/FMPU, 1943)
The Sailor and the Seagull (USA/UPA, 1949)
Criminal at Large (USA, 1945)
Another Chance (USA/Disney, 1945)
Six Legged Saboteurs (USA/Cartoon Film Ltd, 1945)

A Few Quick Facts Series (USA, 1944-45; some featuring Private Snafu!):
2-US Soldier/Bullet /Diarrhea
3-USS Iowa/Brain/Shoes
4-Chaplain Corps/Accidents/Gas
5-Voting for Servicemen

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