The Strangest Cartoons Ever Made, Vol. 1


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Thunderbean animation is proud to present the strangest, most bizarre and downright confusing cartoons ever made! This collection features cartoon from the Thunderbean Animation archive, including many that have never been available on home video. We’ve scoured the archives and private collector’s vaults to bring you short films that will baffle and entertain you.. and make you wonder how animation survived these lost masterpieces. Titles:
Monkey Doodle (1931) by Les Elton
Is My Palm Red? (1933) Fleischer Studios
Gypped in Egypt (1930) Van Beuren Studios
Old Manor House (1948) GB
The Kangaroo Kid (1961) Phil Davis
The Peanut Vendor (1933) Len Lye
The Fatal Note (1933) Van Beuren
Sniffy Escapes Poisoning (1965)
Johnny and the DK Robot (1966)
PM Picnic (1948) Chad/Al Stahl
Joi De Vivre (1934) Hoppin & Gross
Candytown (1933) Van Beuren
One Man Dog (1928) Terry/VB
The Snowman (1933) Ted Eshbaugh

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