Van Beuren Studio’s Toddle Tales and Rainbow Parade Cartoons




IN 1934, The small Van Beuren animation studio hired Disney animation director Burt Gillett (who had recently directed Disney’s 3 Little Pigs) to revitalize the studio’s cartoons and to bring them to a higher level of production. The Studio also brought in indepentant cartoon producer Ted Eshbaugh as well as Disney/ Warner Brothers animator Tom Palmer. THe result was a series of colorful, beautifully animated shorts, among the most popular color cartoons of the 1930’s. This premeire collection features the rarest first half of the Rainbow Parade series, many never before available, all transferred from the best available materials, with original and recreated title sequences. The Toddle Tales cartoons, Gillett’s first series at Van Bueren, are also included in their original b/w form. Included are the ultra rare Pastrytown Wedding, PArrotville Fire Department and a beautiful 35mm restoration of Eshbaugh’s classic THE SUNSHINE MAKERS. BONUS FEATURES include Liner Notes on the cartoons and their creators, Ultra rare original MODEL SHEETS from the series, Home Movie editions packages and ads, a Music-track only version of ALONG CAME A DUCK and more! This collection includes: Grandfather’s Clock (1934, b/w) PastryTown Wedding (34, Cinecolor) Along Came a Duck (34, b/w) A Little Bird Told Me (34, B/W). Parrotville Fire Department (34, Cinecolor) The Sunshine Makers (35, Cinecolor) Parrotville Old Folks (35, Cinecolor) Japanese Lanterns (35, b/w) Spinning Mice (35, Cinecolor) A Picnic Panic (35, Cinecolor) The Merry Kittens (35, Cinecolor) Parrrotville Post Office (35, Cinecolor) The Rag Dog (35, Cinecolor) THe Hunting Season (35, Cinecolor) Scottie Finds a Home (35, Cinecolor) Bird Scouts (35, Cinecolor) B/W and Color, 100 minutes


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