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We’ve been working on this title quietly for a while— and It’s fitting to announce this set on Fourth of July week:

Thunderbean presents:  Cartoons for Victory!

The Cartoons for Victory set dates back to the Snappy Video days originally! This new, replicated Blu-ray edition features (in all new high-definition scans) a great collection of cartoons from WW2:

Bury the Axis (1943)- Lou Bunin
Der Sneeman (1944) Hans Fisherkoesen
Weatherbeaten Melody (1944) Hans Fisherkoesen
Cap’n Cub (from original successive negative- in Technicolor!)
Seven Wise Drawfs (Disney, 1942)
Tokyo Woes- Hook (Warner Brothers)
The Return of Mr. Hook (Warner Brothers)
The Good Egg (Warner Brothers)
Take Heed, Mr. Tojo (1944, Lantz)
Revolt of the Toys (1944)- Hermina Tyrvola
Camouflage (1944, color, First Motion Picture Unit (Directed by Frank Thomas)
Hitler and his Peace Pudding, Hitler Dances to Stalin’s Tune (Gaumont British News/ Anson Dyer, 1939)
Nibus Libéré (1944, Occupied Vichy, France)
Flight Safety: Landing Accidents  (1946, UPA)
Flight Safety: After the Cut (1946, UPA)
Flight Safety: Taxxing Collisions (1946 UPA)
Flat Hatting (1946 UPA)
Any Bonds Today (1943, Warner Brothers)
The Springman and the SS (1946, Jiri Trnka)

Bonus features WW2 Poster gallery and commentary tracks and rare Radio broadcast featuring cartoon characters. It’s a great upgrade from the original 2006 DVD, and we’re happy to have the additional shorts as well!

Planned release: October 2023


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