Thunderbean Special Blu-Ray Discs


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Special numbered Blu-Ray discs all are BD-R’s and burned on demand.

Discs 5, 10, 16, and 28 are no longer available.

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in

Disc 1 (Rare cartoons), Disc 2 (GAC in Exile), Disc 3 (Before the Chains are on the Door), Disc 4 (Toon O Rama), Disc 6 (Super secret disc), Disc 7 (While the Telecine is still here), Disc 8 (The Telecine has Landed), Disc 9 (Cats dogs and Sailors), Disc 11 Collector's Choice, Disc 12 Toon Time 2014, Disc 13 Tons of Toons, Disc 14 All Sorts of Cartoon Shorts, Disc 15 On our Way to IB Tech, Disc 17 Thunderbean Thursday 2015 disc, Disc 18 Animated Feature and Shorts, Disc 19 Polytiks and Poultry, Disc 20 End of the Reel, Disc 21 Grand Old Toons, Disc 22 All Scrappy, All Warners, Disc 23 Cartoon Cornered, Disc 24 HD Ragdoll Feature and Cartoons, Disc 25 Cartoons to the Rescue, Disc 26 Screen Songs, Disc 27 Award Winners, Disc 29 Cartoon Paradise, Disc 30 I’m No Fool for IB Tech, Disc 31 Terry/Lantz/Famous, Disc 33 Secret Christmas, Disc 40 Toon Club, Disc 44 Thunderbean Thursday 2016, Disc 45 Halloween Rarities, Disc 46 Popeye and Betty Boop, Disc 47 Thunderbean Thursday 2017, Disc 52 Thunderbean Thursday 2018-2020, Disc 56 Cartoony Christmas, Disc 57 IB Technicolor Garage Scans, Disc 58 Steve's Closet, Disc 60 Cartoon Animals, Disc 61 Lots of Bad Guys, Disc 63 Ghosts of Christmas Toons, Disc 64 Cartoon Resolutions, Disc 65 Cartoon Road Trip, Disc 68 Top Shelf Scans!, 1967 Feature, 1973 Feature, 1950 Feature, 1937 Feature, 1951 Animated Feature, The Other 1940 Feature, 80’s Live Action/Animated Feature, 1941 Animated Feature, 1955 feature in Technicolor and Cinemascope!, All Censored Volume 1, All Censored Volume 2, Cartoon Grab Bag, Funny Bunnies, Halloween Spook-O-Rama, Little Lulu, Looney Tunes: Missing in Action, Lost and Found Cartoons, Missing Links!, Mostly Cinemascope and Technicolor, Open Matte (Matted) Nightmare, Christmas Bear-Nan-Za!


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