Uncensored Animation 2: Cannibals!




The teens and 20’s brought about a revolution in Western interest and exploration of previously hidden cultures, unfamiliar to the ‘civilized’ world. Magazines, newspapers and films began extensive coverage of these forays into the unknown world, resulting in many classic films such as NANOOK of the NORTH (1922) and GRASS (1925) . The film industry, always quick to develop stories from popular subjects, began featuring exotic locales and exploration frequently, with Cannibals of the South Sea Islands becoming a staple in comedies and cartoons.
During the golden era of animation, every major American animation studio produced multiple ‘Cannibal’ Cartoons, with nearly every major character at some point being subjected to a pot of boiling water and spears.
Understandably, many of the these films have vanished from the public sight over the years, due to their subject matter as well as the often racist imagry they contain.

Cartoons included on this set:
Professor Bonehead is Shipwrecked (1916) Harry Palmer
Hein Pembroke in Afrika (strange German cartoon from the silent era)
Cannibal Isle (1929 Snap the Gingerbread man)
Jungle Jazz (1930 Van Beuren)
Aroma of the South Seas (Original and 1931 Color remake- Mutt and Jeff)
Bosko Shipwrecked (1931 Harman Ising)
Jungle Jam (1932 Tom and Jerry)
Korn Plastered in Africa (1932 John ‘Scarfoot’ McCrory)
On the Pan (1933 The Little King)
Molly Moo and Robinson Crusoe (Van Beuren 1936)
Jungle Jitters (Warners 1938)
Robinson Crusoe Jr (Porky Pig 1941)
Jungle Drums (Famous Studios 1943)
Jingle Jangle Jungle (1950 Famous Studios Screen Song)

Mastered from original 16mm and 35mm film prints.
b/w and color, 109 minutes


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