A Conversation with Walter and Gracie Lantz: The restored original 1981 telecast




Long before TCM there was CLASSICS 34, an atmospheric cinéma showcase hosted by Chris Buchman for WNIT (PBS) in Elkhart, Indiana. In 1981 Walter and Gracie Lantz visited Chris for an engaging chat and to celebrate Woody Woodpecker’s 40th birthday. Offered here is MEET WALTER & GRACIE, the edition of the show as originally intended to be seen – now fully restored, with an amusing prologue explaining the necessity for the restoration. Act Two presents an overview of CLASSICS 34; and Chris Buchman recounts his first encounter with Walter Lantz, the origin of the Lantzes’ visit to his show and the unforeseen technical dilemmas of the taping session in his affectionate memoir WALTER & ME. Act Three highlights Chris’ pre-Classics 34 movie exhibitions including turns at Baltimore’s famous Peabody Bookshop & Beerstube, Corner Theatre and Johns Hopkins University. The Finalé is comprised of delightful vignettes from CLASSICS 34, the Hallowe’en spoofs with future Emmy-nominated, puppeteer, Rob Lovett, and such guests as Carmine Coppola, Buddy Rogers, Dennis James, and others . EXTRAS: Walt Lantz Cartoons 1920-1941; Ipana & Kelloggs adverts; Walter & Gracie Album; Classic 34 & Bijou Galleries; Gracie Filmog; more. Incidentally, the guest appearance by Walter & Gracie Lantz on Chris’ television show is the longest they ever did for television and this July 9th marked the 33rd anniversary of that telecast. Appox: 4 Hrs 10 Min


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