The Snappy Video Party Disc Blu-ray featuring REEFER MADNESS




The Snappy Video part Disc is a collection of fun and sometimes really strange short films, trailers and commercials from the 20s through the 70s; harkening back to the days of film collecting on 16mm film where all sorts of oddities would show up in batches of film at collector’s shows, camera shops and collector’s magazines, lending themselves to party showings. part of the fun was not knowing what would show up or be shown at film parties; some of these are shorts would be fairly innocent, others clearly meant for adult only showings. In this tradition, surprise your own movie or other party with a few or all of these bizarre artifacts, collected here for all of our collective confusion! This Blu-ray also features ‘Reefer Madness’ the classic exploitation film. Enjoy!
Reefer Madness (1936) One of the kings of 30s exploitation. Scanned from a rare 35mm print.
Buried Treasure (1926)Infamous adults-only cartoon short made by three studios to show after a party for Winsor McCay.
Groovy Trailers (Early to mid-70s)A great reel of entertaining trailers for exploitation movies you probably didn’t know existed
Celebrity Commercials (1950s through the 60s) Excellent reel of spots featuring all sorts of stars
Model Films (C. late 40s/ early 50s) ‘Stag’ films camoflauged as art films. Adults only.
Mansfield Magazine and 60s Stag Film (50s/60s) A peek into a banned issue of Playboy and a silly mid/late 60s stag film. Adults only.
Marlboro Spoof and Fugue in D Minor A dirty spoof of cigarette commercials and a bizarre concert. Adults only.
Ad Gags (mid to late 50s) A reel likely made for a ad convention, spoofing the industry and featuring real bloopers.
This set is intended for a mature, collector audience. This material is not appropriate for children! BDR Disc


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