Odds & Ends: Rare animated shorts from the Thunderbean Archive


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Odds & Ends is a collection of fun, fascinating, almost forgotten footnotes in animation history. Over the years, prints of these shorts ended up in the hands of film collectors and archives, and, sometimes, these were the only copies to survive, having been orphaned by their creators or sponsors. They were produced as commercials, propaganda, educational and entertainment shorts, often with one short period in mind— the animated equivalent of a magazine or pamphlet, never meant to survive past their original showings. Thunderbean is happy to present these films, scanned in HD from rare 16mm and 35mm prints. Why Play Leapfrog (1948, John Sutherland productions). Slick Technicolor production explains how raw materials are turned into products.
Sammy Salvage (1943, Ted Eshbaugh). Toddler-sized Uncle Sam promotes scrap drives.
Doomsday for Pests (1948, Jerry Fairbanks productions). DDT, the fix-all pesticide.
Willi Schmierfink’s Abenteuer – (1929/Paul Peroff) and Willi’s Zujunfts-Traum (1930/Paul Peroff). Two rare, early shorts by German animator Paul Peroff.
Jim and Judy in Teleland (1950 /Paul Paroff) A rare episode from one of the first series produced for television.
Little Orphan Annie (c. 1934) Odd little short, likely produced as a demo by small animation producer John (Scarfoot) McCrory.
Pm Picnic (1948, Chad/ Al Stahl). Cute animals selling ‘PM’s Famous Blended Whiskey’. Stahl recalled making this film in about two weeks.
An Egyptian Gyp (1930 / George Jeffrey). Early ‘Kolortone’ sound cartoon that seems to only survive in this green tinted, silent print. Nicely illustrated cutouts comprise the majority of the animation in this film.
A Fable of the New Deal (1935/36, Ted Eshbaugh). Rare propaganda short produced by Eshbaugh for the US 1936 election.
The Enemy Bacteria (1945/ Walter Lantz productions). Beautifully produced 28 minute live action/ animated short for the US Navy.

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