Stop Motion Marvels!




Stop Motion Marvels!

STOP MOTION MARVELS is a collection of over 45 rare short films, many never available before on Blu-ray. Thunderbean is proud to present this upgrade from the 2010 DVD edition of this title.

There are 4 sections to this Blu-ray: Early Experiments, All Sorts of Shorts, Commericals, and ‘The Kinex Collection’, featuring almost all of the rare Stop Motion shorts produced for Kodak from 1928 through 1930, starring Chip the Wooden Man, Snap the Gingerbread Man, and Daffy Doings in Doodlebugville- plus 3 sound shorts by Kinex animator John Burton.
The collection also includes a great 12 page booklet by Historian/ Artist Stewart McKissick (who also did the great cover art for this collection).Commentaries by: Jim Danforth, Ken Preibe, Bob Baker (who worked on the Puppetoons!), Larry Larson, Steve Stanchfield, Mark Cabellero and Seamus Walsh (Screen Novelties).
Early Experiments: Princess Nicotine (J Stuart Blackton, 1909)
The Automatic Moving Company (Romeo Bossetti, 1912)
Prehistoric Poultry (Willis O’ Brian, 1917).
Miracles in Mud- Swat the Fly (1915)
George Washington modeled in Clay(Virginia May , c. 1927)
All Sorts of Shorts: Ferda Mravenec (Ferda the Ant) (Hermína Týrlová, 1944)
Toyland Ice Capades (Howard H. Moss, 1917)
Dolly Daisy in Hearts and Flowers (Howard H. Moss, 1930)
Peanut Vendor (untitled) (Len Lye,1933)
Rock a Bye Baby (Ukolebavka / Lullaby, Hermína Týrlová, 1948)
Theatrical and Television AdsLucky Strikes (Jam Handy Productions, 1949)
Butter commercial (c. 1956)
Camel workprint (C. late 40’s)
Brylcreem Commercial (1953)
Chocks Commercial (1965)
Glo Coat commercials (1966)
King Kong 411 Volkswagon Commercial (1972) Classic Commercial animated by David Allen.
The KINEX studios collection: Snap, The Gingerbread Man, Chip, The Wooden Man, and Daffy Doings in Doodlebugville.
Red Riding Hood (1925)
Pepper the Pup (1931)Horse Laffs (1934)
Hector the Pup (1935)


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