Ub Iwerks’ Willie Whopper




Meet Willie Whopper—the little boy with a big imagination! In this collection, you’ll see Willie tell all of his yarns, as made possible by the Ub Iwerks studio in the Golden Age of animation.
Thunderbean and Film Preservation Associates are proud to present the complete original series of Willie Whopper shorts Iwerks produced for MGM in this Blu-ray/DVD combo set. For the first time on home video, all 14 of these 1930s classics are gathered together and restored from the best surviving masters.
Among the highlights are both Willie cartoons made in Cinecolor, Davy Jones’ Locker and Hell’s Fire, taken from the original camera negatives. Unseen for over 80 years, these classics are once again presented in all their two-color glory.
Shorts included:

The Air Race
Play Ball
Spite Flight
Stratos Fear
Davy Jones’ Locker
Hell’s Fire
Robin Hood Jr
Insultin’ the Sultan
Reducing Creme
Rasslin’ Round
The Cave Man
Jungle Jitters
The Good Scout
Viva Willie

Special features include:
Extras on the set include a 12 page liner notes booklet, Still Galleries of Publicity, original production art and products, surviving pages from Willie Whopper Outlines and Scripts (including the never-produced ‘The Early Bird’), Bonus cartoons, Jazz Recordings features in Willie Whopper Cartoons and more.

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