The Other Betty Boop’s – Volume 1 Blu-Ray

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Thunderbean is happy to present “The Other Betty Boops, Volume 1” This Blu-ray serves as a great companion volume to the four Betty Boop Blu-ray collections. It features 18 Betty Boop cartoons that were not included on those sets, all scanned from original 35mm and 16mm prints, many available for the first time in High Definition. This fun collection features the thought-lost “Honest Love and True”, discovered recently and available for the first time on home video.

Betty Boop’s Ker-Choo
Betty Boop’s Crazy Inventions
Is My Palm Read?
Betty in Blunderland
No! No! 1000 Times No!
Betty Boop and Grampy
Henry, The Funniest Living American
Betty Boop and the Little King
Betty Boop and Little Jimmy
Happy You and Merry Me
Grampy’s Indoor Outing
Be Human
House Cleaning Blues
Pudgy Picks a Fight!
Ding Dong Doggie
Honest Love and True
Rhythm on the Reservation
Musical Mountineers

Running time: 2 hours, four minutes. BD-R disc, region free

2 reviews for The Other Betty Boop’s – Volume 1 Blu-Ray

  1. Brenton Clark (verified owner)

    I’m a huge fan of Betty Boop so when I saw this release was available I preordered it. Although the transfers aren’t the greatest, these are the best prints available until someone tries to release the original negative versions of these. Which may or may not happen. However there are still some great transfers in 35mm and 16mm while some others not so great but watchable.

  2. lucascoutomelo2004 (verified owner)

    I’m so happy with this wonderful Blu-ray that I’ve been waiting for it will bring me many joy. Thank you Thunderbean!

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