Cartoon Commercials!




From Thunderbean DVD. Step back into Television history with this great collection of animated ‘cartoon’ commericals from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s! From cereal to hair cream to cigarettes, animation has helped sell products to a Television audience from its very beginnings. Included in this collection are ads from both large and small studios, featuring famous, little known and even forgotton characters, created by some animation’s most talented artists, animators and directors. Commercials featured include: Wild Root Cream Oil (lots from various studios, including Shamus Culhane productions), Kelvinator, Cheerios, Corn Flakes, Phillip Morris, Twinkles, #7 auto polish, Jello, Butterball Turkey, Tootsie Rolls (with Farmer Al Falfa), Rice Krispies (with Woody Woodpecker), BrylCreem with Lou Bunin’s puppets, Tang (with Bugs Bunny), Frito Bandito (By Tex Avery), Hamm’s Beer, Carnation (Carnation Rabbits), Colgate with Mighty Mouse, Start-Kist Tuna, Kool Aid (Several -Tex Avery, Rod Scribner, Ben Washam), Shasta Cola, Quisp ads by Jay Ward productions, Trix, Co Co Puffs, Pink Panther Flakes, Co Co Wheats …and many many more! This new collection has been entirely mastered from original 16mm and 35mm original film prints, for excellent quality. Special features include: *”Industry on Parade” showing a commercial studio in Colorado * A special subtitle feature with information about the commerials, the production companies, actors/ voices, animators and directors. *Still Gallery “how to design an animated commercial” from 1960. B/W and Color, 100 minutes.


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