GROTESQUERIES: Ghosts, Goblins & Other Magical Moving Picture Illusions

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Films for spooky shows and Halloween

“Grotesqueries” is a devilish concoction of ghosts, goblins and other magical moving picture illusions from the Dawn of Cinema through the 1930s. Among the 14 macabre short reel amusements and 10 wicked bonus features is:
Le Spectre Rouge A 1907 hand-coloured fantasy by Zecca
Night On Bare Mountain (1933) A beautifully restored pin-screen classic of the macabre”;
Halloween (1931) Starring Toby the Pup
Fall of the House of Usher” (1927) with a vintage recording score by Chris Buchman
Highlights from a live 1979 presentation of “The Phantom Of The Opera” performed by the Kinephonic Ensemble;
Van Beuren Studios Tom and Jerry in “Wot a Night” (1931) and “The Magic Mummy” (1933)
The Ghosts’ High Noon” a newly animated visualization of the song from Gilbert & Sullivan’s comique-opera, “Ruddigore”;
Felix the Cat in “Felix Woos Whoopie (1928) and “Sure Locked Holmes” (1928) Crypt Tickles, epitaphs of dearly departed; Hallowe’en Antiquities; Banshee Bijou and more.
“Grotesqueries” contains an affectionate homage to the neighourhood movie-going experience co-producer, Chris Buchman, enjoyed during the 1940s, particularly in the Act Two Prologue of Banshee Bijou. “Grotesqueries” is a Reel Curiosities-Blue Mouse Studio Archival Film Anthology created and realized by award-winning film makers and animators, Rex Schneider, Steve Stanchfield and Chis Buchman.

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1 review for GROTESQUERIES: Ghosts, Goblins & Other Magical Moving Picture Illusions

  1. Brenton Clark (verified owner)

    I got this set for the sole purpose of the two Felix the cat cartoons. The quality of those shorts are so nice. Better than where you can find them anywhere else. However, Wot a Night was very nice quality in this set too. If you’re a big fan of Halloween and old cartoons, this set is for you.

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