Cultoons, Volume 3: Monkeys, Monsters and More!




Cultoons, Volume 3: Monkeys, Monsters and More! There are many famous cartoon characters we know and love, but what about the ones that didn’t achieve great success? What happened to the animated advertisements and educational films? Many of these animated shorts have been lost to time, often abandoned and forgotten. Not Anymore! The CULTOONS collection gathers these rare gems together, most unseen by the general public since their creation. Volume 3, for some reason, has an abundance of cartoons featuring Monkeys, including including all of UB Iwerk’s Gran’ Pop Monkey and all the known Marty the Monk Cartoons (by producer Boyd La Vero). Titles include: Marty the Monk- Boyd La Vero 1931, Mere Maids- Boyd La Vero 1932, Mexically Lilly- Boyd La Vero 1932 (with recreated soundtrack) Beauty Shoppe- Grand Pop Monkey(Cartoon films, Inc. UB Iwerks) Cinecolor, A Busy Day-Grand Pop Monkey, Cartoon films, Inc.Cinecolor, Baby Checkers-Grand Pop Monkey 1939- Cartoon films, Inc, The Butcher, The Baker, the Ice Cream Maker- 1960, KLING! productions-15 mins The Enemy Bacteria- Walter Lantz Productions/ US Army- Kodachrome 1945 (28 minutes), Mr. E from Tow City (11 minutes of clips, 50’s / 60’s), Up and Atom (a.k.a Tommy and the Atom, late 50’s), The Doings of Turp and Tine (late 20’s silent educational short), Experimental Animation by Len Lye, 1933 (The Peanut Vendor), Plus linar note information about the films gallery, commentaries featuring Ken Priebe, Milton Knight, Jerry Beck, Mike Kazaleh, Steve Worth, Steve Stanchfield and John Kenworthy


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