Hollywood Rarities: Hidden Films from Hollywood’s Golden Age




Thunderbean presents ‘Hollywood Rarities’. This Blu-ray/ DVD Combo features the rarest of the rare- shorts about and featuring tinseltown in the 20s through the 60s, produced for theatrical, television and the home movie screen- all in new transfers from rare 16mm and 35mm materials.
Hollywood Today (Shorts compilation)
Silent Character Studies (footage of stars)
Corrigan Movie Ranch Home Movie (Amateur footage of Hollywood from the mid-40s)
Technicolor Clips reel (Cinema-Paradiso style reel of nitrate clips from the late 1930s)
Strictly GI – Command Performance (1943) (SD)
Life in Hollywood (1947)
Arthur Godfry’s Talent Scouts (1948) Rare early episode of this classic show, featuring the likely first filmed appearance of Don Knotts
Screen Actors (1950/ MGM/ Screen Actors Guild)
Marilyn Monroe 1953 Newsreel (featuring marriage to Joe DiMaggio and trip to Japan)
Ted Salter’s Name that Star Game (collector-compiled name that star game, created for home showings in the late 50s. Includes answers in the liner notes so you can play along)
Hollywood: The Capital Tower (c. 1960) Kodachrome short for Television
Clark Gable Christmas Seals 1958 (theatrical advert)
also includes rare Hollywood radio shows and more! BDR/ DVDR.


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