Return of the 30’s Characters




Return to the beginning of the Golden Era of animation- again! This collection, a sequel to the popular DVD, “Attack of the 30’s Charcacters” features 15 cartoons representing most of the major American cartoon studios of the 1930’s. These cartoons delighted depression-era audiences and remain fresh and funny today. These classic films have been digitally remastered from original 16mm and 35mm film materials, presented in their original, uncut form, with original theatrical title sequences restored or recreated. This collection Includes: The Museum (1930) Starring Toby the Pup, Bosko’s Holiday (1931) Starring Bosko, Little Orphan Willie (1930) Starring Flip the Frog, Smile, Darn ya Smile (1931) Starring Foxy, Rise To Fame (1934) Starring Betty Boop, Boom Boom(1936) Starring Porky Pig And Beans the Cat, Joint Wipers (1932) Starring Tom and Jerry, Making Good (1932) Starring Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Brementown Musicians (1935) Comi-Color- Iwerks, His Off Day (1938) Starring Puddy the Pup, The Hunting Season (1935) Rainbow Parade Cartoon, House of Magic (1937) Starring Meany, Miny & Moe, Get Rich Quick Porky (1937) Starring Porky Pig and Gabby Goat, Balloonland-(1935) a Comi-Color cartoon Hawiian Birds (1937) A Color Classic Cartoon Plus special Bonus features include information about the cartoons and their creators, plus “The Pincushion Man” (original Castle Films Cinecolor Print).


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